Vevolution Guidelines

With these guidelines we keep Vevolution a safe, inclusive and positive place.

Give more than you take

This is your community of peers. Give your knowledge and you will receive insights and advice in return. Everyone has something to share!

Serve don't sell

No direct or indirect self-promotion of your programs, groups or services, including no links to your site(s) or social media profiles and no PMing to solicit members or suggesting someone PMs you unless specifically requested by an admin.

Be kind and courteous

Treat everyone with respect. Absolutely zero tolerance for hate speech or bullying. Negative comments about race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated.

No market research

You may not use this group to conduct market research for your own products and services.

Stay relevant

Stay relevant. Posts not related to plant-based and cellular agriculture businesses are not allowed.

No affiliate links

No affiliate links. You may share a tool, program or service, that you love and use, but please no affiliate links in the group or DMs.

Thanks for reading!