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Unlock nearly 1,500 foodtech, cultivated, biotech, and climate-tech deals with the Vevolution investment platform. Curated marketplace for active investors to access leading financial data, comprehensive deal dashboards, secure document sourcing, and complete historical data for professional trend analysis. 100% user-generated data, we're fintech with heart.

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The only platform you need to invest in Foodtech, AgriTech, Cultivated, Biotech and Next-Gen Materials

Vevolution Investment Platform

Top Deal Sourcing Globally

Vevolution's investment dashboard provides world-class sourcing for active VC funds, family offices, and angel investors. 100% user-generated deals and active startup data, everytime.

Filter companies fundraising by category, revenue, amount to raise, region, and more to find a curated match. Reach out to founders directly to source more info, manage comprehensive round data, and request data room access.

Vevolution will do the leg work. Set your investment thesis preferences and get curated deals instantly sent to your account.

Trend Analysis & Data Dashboard

Ecosystem data on the future of food and climate not available anywhere else. Vevolution's live fundraising data dashboard allows our investors to analyze our complete history of nearly 1,500 total fundraising rounds.

Investors can analyze and complete accurate trend analysis across industry, region, and round stage. Our fundraising dashboard features over 10,000 unique data points dating back to Q4 2020, and is available on-the-go with any device.

Vevolution will do the leg work. Set your investment thesis preferences and get curated deals instantly sent to your account.

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Vevolution Fundraising Data Dashboard

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What our investor members say

Vevolution has quickly become the go-to destination of the plant-based investment scene. There are many like minded investors with whom we can team up when looking at investment opportunities. Silla Scheepens of Future Food Fund
We are excited to continue to build up the future of food working together with Vevolution. The Vevolution platform will help support our operations and allow us to more easily scale innovative cell-based companies from around the world. Lejjy Gafour of CULT Food Science
We love the transparency of the platform and the availability for startups of all sizes and from all parts of the world. Even if we end up not investing, they might find capital from the others, or learn a lot in the process. Måns Ullerstam of Kale United
Just like Vevolution, we're dedicated to a better plant-based future. Together, we are focused on accelerating that joint mission and by expanding the plant-based ecosystem, we are creating even more opportunities for plant-based start-ups to thrive. Caroline Cormier of Upfield
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Vevolution Collective: Funded Startup Success Stories

The Vevolution investment platform has fueled funding into game-changing startups from around the world. Plant-based, precision fermentation, cellular agriculture, and next-gen materials companies have received investment from our investment platform to continue building a better future.

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Invest in AgriFoodTech startups

The Vevolution investment platform is all you need to invest in Foodtech, AgriTech, Cultivated, Biotech and Next-Gen Materials.

Access round details, founder and co-investor chats, data rooms, round history and investor data on your PC, laptop, tablet and phone.

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Vevolution Investment Platform

Our investor members

The Vevolution investor members come from varying professions, backgrounds, and geographical locations. Our investors are some of the leading VC funds, family offices, and angel investors who are looking for animal-free innovations.

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Currently we have 130 deals live on our platform and 400 total uploaded since December 2020.
The majority of our deals are pre-revenue to Series A with the largest amount of deals in the pre-seed or seed stage. We accept rounds in any stage.
It is global, however our strongest regions are North America, UK and Europe. The deal flow comes from our substantial social media presence, media coverage and outreach from our community and operations manager.
Ticket size of deals tends to start at $10,000. This platform is for professional investors or high net-worth individuals investing we suggest no less than $30,000 per year.
The most popular categories are plant-based proteins, better for you & snacks, dairy alternatives, tech, meals & sauces, fermentation, fashion and beverages.
No, Vevolution is a fintech provider who builds tools to help you find great deals and people to co-invest alongside. You invest in companies you find via our technology through your own investment vehicles.
We do not get involved in due diligence, it is the full responsibility of investors to carry out their own due diligence on companies they discover through the Vevolution platform.
Currently uploading investment rounds is free for businesses. We are exploring adding some premium features businesses will pay to access.
Vevolution is a fintech startup based in the UK, created initially in early 2017. Vevolution has evolved from its beginnings in events and media into a leading fintech in the plant-based and cell-tech space.

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