AgriFoodTech pitch events

Find upcoming public and private pitch events hosted by Vevolution and partners where Foodtech, AgriTech, Cultivated, Biotech and Next-Gen Materials startups pitch to impact investors.


Discover and attend AgriFoodTech pitch events

Vevolution organizes specialized pitch events providing a platform for AgriFoodTech startups to showcase their innovative ideas. From Foodtech to AgriTech, Cultivated, Biotech and Next-Gen Materials solutions, our events captivate a diverse range of impact investors. As the global interest in sustainable and ethical businesses grows, Vevolution's pitch events offer the unique opportunity to connect investors with startups that are paving the way to a greener future.

Inspiring startups and investors for a kinder future

Vevolution's pitch events act as a catalyst for change in the AgriFoodTech sector. We cater to startups across various domains, including Foodtech, AgriTech, Cultivated, Biotech and Next-Gen Materials. By bringing together innovative startups and forward-thinking impact investors, we are fostering collaborations that have the potential to reshape industries in an environmentally friendly and ethical manner.

Click on the individual links above to learn more about each event and RSVP by clicking on the "I am going" button. Investor members have access to all our events, including closed door pitch events. If you are not a member you can verify as an investor and request a wildcard to attend.

Pitch to impact investors as a Foodtech, AgriTech, Cultivated, Biotech and Next-Gen Materials startup

If you're a founder building an innovative AgriFoodTech startup from stealth stage to Series B aiming to pitch to our community of impact investors, the process is straightforward. By listing your startup on our platform, you are automatically considered for future pitch events. You'll receive an email notification when the next opportunity arises, ensuring you never miss a chance to showcase your groundbreaking ideas. With Vevolution, the pathway to progress and potential investment is just a few clicks away.