Vevolution Pitch

Are you looking for investment from leading plant-based investors? Are you an investor looking to invest in emerging plant-based and cellular agriculture startups?

Vevolution Pitch is a virtual global investment pitch event for plant-based and cellular agriculture startups.

Vevolution Pitch

Global investment pitch event for plant-based and cellular agriculture startups

Vevolution Pitch is a closed door private event for our investor members. We showcase three new startups from our platform who have open investment rounds. Our fintech enables a democratic and equitable selection process. We never hand-pick startups as Vevolution staff.

This global competition is for startups that are looking to raise investment from some of the world's leading plant-based investors.

Our platform allows each startup to stand out equally to our investor members. Startups with the most interest from investors will be invited to pitch their investment round at our monthly Vevolution Pitch event.

Qualify for Vevolution Pitch as a startup

Startups can apply from anywhere in the world. So whether you are in San Francisco, London, Hong Kong, NYC, Tel Aviv, Nairobi or Delhi this competition is for you.

We are looking for startups from all sectors, food, technology, fashion, cellular meat and fish, etc. Our investor members range in backgrounds, expertise and investment interests.

Vevolution Pitch isn't your only opportunity to fundraise for your plant-based startup. Uploading your investment round means year-round fundraising, not just a one time competition application! We're always adding new investor members, which means continued exposure for you!

Applying for funding on our platform is free for all startups. Vevolution does not take a percentage or commission of any deals closed on our platform.

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Meet The Investors

The Vevolution investor members come from varying professions, backgrounds, and geographical locations. Our investors are some of the leading VC funds, family offices, and angel investors who are looking for animal-free innovations.

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