Startup | Better for you & snacks

London, United Kingdom ・ 2017 ・

Our Story

GATO is the only brand bringing “better biscuits” to the market; plant-based, natural & health-led recipes with a real focus on hitting the sweet spot

We are passionate about plant-based baking and have a massive sweet tooth! Imagine our despair when searching the biscuits shelves, and only being able to find (a) traditional biscuits packed with sugar & weird ingredients, or (b) healthy biscuits which often taste like cardboard. We realised there is a massive gap in the market for a delicious, plant-based cookie that appeals to younger, health conscious and sustainability minded consumers - just like us.

So we took things into our own hands: GATO is on a mission to re-invent popular biscuit snacks to be better for you & the planet.