No Evil Foods

Startup | Plant-based proteins

Weaverville, NC, United States ・ 2014 ・

Our Story

Certified Plastic Negative products with simple AF ingredients. That's how we do No Evil.

When founders Sadrah Schadel and Mike Woliansky learned about how heavily processed, unhealthy, and unsustainable our food system was, they didn't want any part in it. The answer they thought, was to opt out. They moved away from city life and retreated to a dirt road in Upstate New York to teach themselves how to farm--growing and making as many things for themselves as they could and buying as little as possible at the store.

As they stripped more and more things from their shopping list they continued to buy plant-based proteins without question, until one day, they flipped over the box, and to their horror, they learned that their plant-based proteins were heavily processed and not actually based on plants.

Relying on simple, pantry-sourced ingredients, Schadel created versatile, boldly seasoned, nutrient-dense Plant Meat which became the perfect tool to preach the 'Do No Evil' gospel. And they needed to share it with the world, discovering that the answer to addressing our broken food system wasn't to opt-out and save themselves, it was to opt-in with a vengeance, and do the real work of repairing the system from the inside.

From its roots at an Asheville farmers market, No Evil Foods has risen to drive influence in a market predicted to crest $3 billion by 2024 with its vision for the next wave of plant-based companies that move beyond merely creating products, to making products that create impact by embedding social purpose into their core. They've built an innovative brand that's ready to take on the growing global hunger for plant-based foods.

No Evil Foods is the world's 1st Certified Plastic Negative plant-based meat brand, the 2nd fastest growing brand in the Conventional Channel at 350% growth in the last 2 years, and #7 in the Natural Channel over the past 52 weeks (SPINS).