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The Vevolution Investor Membership is a unique opportunity to discover and back the next generation of plant-based and cell-based businesses radically transforming the global economy. See the 24 investors that have already joined.

Benefits of becoming a member of the Vevolution investor platform include:

  • Access the deal flow including 280 plant-based and cell-based, vegan, food tech, materials, startups currently fundraising
  • Early access to deal flow from Vevolution’s global Pitch & Plant investment competitions
  • Visibility as a member of the Vevolution Investor Membership
  • Invitation to regular Vevolution Investor Club meetings
  • Access to the 'our picks', investor newsletter from Vevolution partner and investor Michiel van Deursen
  • Annual investor report giving you an overview of insights discovered through startup data
  • Investment management tool on the Vevolution platform enabling you to:
    • Access and manage dealflow quickly
    • Contact startups fundraising directly
    • Bring other investors into deal flow on the platform
    • Share due diligence with other investors
    • Find and connect with other mission-aligned investors to co-invest alongside

Investing in the plant-based economy has never been smarter from both a financial and planetary perspective for the reasons below:

  • The European plant-based alternatives is forecast to grow to €2.4bn by 2025 from €1.5bn in 2018
  • $1.5bn invested in alternative proteins so far in 2020
  • Beyond Meat IPO was the first plant-based company to go public to great success on the stock market. Many are expected to follow in the coming years
  • The UN has advised that shifting to a plant-based diet is a key way to fight climate change
  • High growth sector, experiencing an influx of capital to help companies meet consumer demand
  • Invest in businesses that tackle the climate crisis, remove animals from food and material supply chain and support a healthier lifestyle

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